Alex Font chose the fascinating word “ acmé ” to name his new record project and it has a good meaning behind it too; it hasn’t got that name just because it sounds good; it’s not a way to make it look cool…at all. acmé comes from the Greek word ἀκμή which means ” the highest point you can get ” – and applying this word to the world of art means the highest point of perfection of a work of art. Not more, not less… Just right there. And it’s here where this Spanish DJ and producer, throws himself at the stormy fights of the album, from a very personal view, to impregnate his own values as an artist: Professionalism, reliability, sophistication and a tireless pursuit of maximum music quality.

Acmé, with a well constructed, timeless ” modern art ” image, only presents vinyl launches, up to 250 limited edition copies, which takes care of its extremely unexpected contents and continents. The “real house” -in very different and vast ways- already has a new form of expression and dissemination/broadcast. This way, Alex Font has access to his own platform where he can create, express and publicise his music without any constraints, market dictatorships, nor any prebends, allowing him to take his artistic freedom to his own limits. However, Font’s artistic position is always to be humble; it’s used, essentially, as a channel of musical expression to the dance services and overall to the emotions.

What can we expect from acmé, Alex Font’s new record label? Only to be at its expected heights of its demanding and mind-blowing meaning…